Swatch Portugal booked several advertising panels around the hotel.
The Club event started at the Don Pedro Palace Hotel.
xmas event
dec 12 - 14, 2008
lisbon, portugal
Skander welcomed the Club members.
We traveled by tram...
...through downtown Lisbon...
...and tasted port wine.
View of Lisbon.
African dancers were awaiting us...
With African music we were led to the restaurant "casa do leao".
Capitain Skander pesents the first Xmas Event Medal.
Then he showed us the Event Special...
...presented by Enid.
Saturday morning we had a sightseeing tour in Lisbon.
Stop at the Marine Museum.
Typical Portuguese Snacks.
Lunchbreak at "Pasteis de Belem"...
...with more Portuguese gastronomic specialties.
Photos and other findings from the tour were used to make a collage.
Each group presented its collage.
Then we got an Event T-Shirt and the second Xmas Event Medal.
Next Stop: Swatch Store, with some Portuguese Swatch Specials.
In the evening we had a cruise on the river Tejo.
The dinner took place in a former wine cellar.
A 18 course meal was awaiting us.
In the end the third Xmas Event Medal was given to us...
...and we sang Happy Birthday to Skander. :)



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