Piazza San Carlo.
The Swatch Store in the Olympic Shop at the Piazza
Vittorio Veneto sells Olympic Swatches only.
Olympic Winter Games Event
february 11, 2006
Turin, Italy
Via Roma in the evening.
Meeting point for the event was
the Turin Swatch Store.
Signature hour with Swiss olympic athletes.
Group picture of the athletes and the Store Team.
...and pictures with Club members also.
Womens Icehockey
Italy vs. Canada.
There even were Cheerleaders.
Goal for Canada.
Everybody watched the game closely.
Canada was sure to win...
...so there was time for other things ;)
A Canadian fan dressed appropriately.
The Olympic mascotts.
The result of the game was
Canada 16 : Italy 0
The Italien fans celebrated
their team nethertheless.
The Olympic Flame.
The Event Special -
numbered on the back xxx/120
The Welcome Package.

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